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unlock the 007 in you with #cokezero007

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Tips for producing successful advertising


(Image: emercedesbenz)

 1. Make your offer interesting

  • What are the reasons people want your product?
  • For Mercedes its style status and luxury

 2. Translate the interesting elements into a meaningful benefit

  • People buy benefits not features.
  • People don’t but cars. They buy speed status, style and performance

 3. State your benefits as believable

  • State the benefits in such a way that they will be accepted beyond doubt
  • Mercedes might say – you will receive one of the most luxurious ride of your life.

 4. Get the prospects attention

  • Be sure to interest them in your product
  • Mercedes might show its vehicle riding over a bumpy road with passengers asleep

 5. Motivate your prospect to take action

  • Include a call to action – phone, web, dealer, demonstration etc.

 6. Communicate clearly

  • Use headlines, sub heads and visuals to get your point across.

 7. Measure your finished ad against your strategy

  • Use your strategy to guide you. If it doesn’t work scrap it and start again


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Creative strategies that lead to good advertising

 The purpose of creative strategy in brand advertising is to position the product.

Correct positioning has more effect on sales than any other step.

Positioning is placing your product uniquely in the customers mind. It is setting the product apart from its competition in the mind of the consumer.

Positioning is the result, strategy is how you get there.

What about brand Image? The image of a brand is the products personality beyond its physical characteristics.

Creative strategy 

  1. Objective
  • Clear statement – the position you wish to occupy in the consumers mind
  • The essence of positioning is sacrifice – you can’t be all things to all people
  1. Target Audience
  • Paint a three-dimensional portrait of the consumer
  • Demographics are a start but go further and describe the consumers’ attitudes, personality, lifestyle etc.
  • Include the competitors we must replace
  • The target market is a key strategic issue. Do research
  1. Promise
  • Search for a promise of benefit to the customer
  • What is the benefit of the product to the consumer?
  • A good strategy always leads to a consumer promise
  • A benefit on which to build the advertising
  1. Support
  • Can you give the customer a reason to believe the promise
  • A reason why can help support a product benefit
  1. Tone and Manner
  • Search for a distinctive tone for the advertising
  • Tone helps build personality
  • Personality helps separate brands from their competition
  • This is the area where brands are built. Make every effort to separate brands from competitors.

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The Three Bags of Business


To be successful in business you can only provide two bags. Which ones will you pick up?


A quality product at the right price will require time.


A quality product delivered fast will cost more.


A product that costs less and is delivered fast will lack quality.

Every business despite size and industry has to decide which two bags to choose. A business can’t successfully deliver all three bags for any length of time. The business will eventually fail.

The three-bag effect works for any business. If you are trying to deliver all three you will ultimately fail. Give it a try for your business!

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