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Top 5 World Cup Ads

The World Cup has sadly come to an end and we have put together a list of our our top 5 World Cup Ads to ease your pain.
Are there any that we are missing? Which one is your favourite? Let us know!

5. Adidas Football – All In Or Nothing
Adidas’ commercial features the soccer legends David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Gareth Bale and Lucas Moura who take playing a soccer video game to the next level.


4. Beats by Dre – The Game Before the Game
At just over 5 minutes, you might want to get comfortable… Beats takes you behind the scenes and shows all the rituals and preparation before the game for both fans and Brazil’s, now injured Neymar.


3. Nike Football – Winner Stays
At over 4 minutes it’s another epic story that starts with a neighbourhood game of soccer between friends who transfer into their favourite players and end up playing to a sold-out crowd.


2. Hyundai – Because Fútbol – Boom
This is one of the a great series of Hyundais ads in their ‘Because Futbol’ campaign that shows how passionate fans can inadvertently start a whole new generation of fans.


1. McDonald’s – GOL!
One of very few ads not to feature the big names of soccer but also our pick for the best ad, it shows everyday people performing amazing trick shots around the world.


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