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Tips for producing successful advertising


(Image: emercedesbenz)

 1. Make your offer interesting

  • What are the reasons people want your product?
  • For Mercedes its style status and luxury

 2. Translate the interesting elements into a meaningful benefit

  • People buy benefits not features.
  • People don’t but cars. They buy speed status, style and performance

 3. State your benefits as believable

  • State the benefits in such a way that they will be accepted beyond doubt
  • Mercedes might say – you will receive one of the most luxurious ride of your life.

 4. Get the prospects attention

  • Be sure to interest them in your product
  • Mercedes might show its vehicle riding over a bumpy road with passengers asleep

 5. Motivate your prospect to take action

  • Include a call to action – phone, web, dealer, demonstration etc.

 6. Communicate clearly

  • Use headlines, sub heads and visuals to get your point across.

 7. Measure your finished ad against your strategy

  • Use your strategy to guide you. If it doesn’t work scrap it and start again


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